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Just got back from Minnesota!!!

For the most part fishing was excellent, the bass were the saving grace of the fly-rodding, while the northerns, ugh, not pretty. The water water more stained than usual and the northern just flat out didn't want flies. When wind was too bad or there were more than three in the boat I did go after them with spinning tackle. All they wanted were spoons or spinnerbaits with the two biggest ones being a chunky 30 inches. I was though able to catch a few on Dahlbergs, but two eighteen inchers are hardly worthy of bragging rights. Have any of you experienced pike just wanting something that produces alot of thump? If so what patterns (if any) work?

Our usual favorite smallmouth lake was extremely stained. Normally we'd be site fishing logs in six feet of water, this trip we couldn't see under us two feet. Those locals say it was because of oak leaves (alot of oak leaves?!?!?!?!?!). But, as fate wouldhave it, we drove down to the next closest smally lake, which was clear. For the most part the smallies were off their usual nests this time, but the ones left were brutes! I was able to catch three, the biggest 21 inches the smallest 18, the scary thing is that we saw another smallmouth that made the 21 seem tiny :eyecrazy: The 21 hit on the standup pickeral while the other two hit a strip diver ( I probably could have caught more on the crayfish, but I can't resist smallmouths blowing up :hehe: )
I was also able to catch a largemouth of about 5 pounds on a krystal flash and hackle jumble that I tied sleepily the night before. I also caught another largemouth, that would have rivaled the state record if it wasn't spawned out, on spinning gear (I KNOW I KNOW it doesn't count unless it's on fly ). She was in a lilly pad pocket, and she nailed a top water (they always feel like a twenty pounder wrapped up in pads).

My new five weight preformed like a dream for crappie, and it being 9 foot enabled me to make long casts to skitish slabs. The hot ticket was either a cone head or unweighted wolly bugger (depending on depth) in flourescent yellow.

I'll post pictures soon!
Singing Reels,

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