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Well it seems to me that over the past couple days, the interest in sea-run fishing off local beaches has jumped ten-fold. In fact many are also interested into looking for the mysterious haunts of the saltwater Dolly.

I have literally seen a self-proclaimed steelhead junkie become gitty with excitement as he bought a couple Flashy Ladies and peered over a map of local beaches.

I saw another steelhead addict spend hours in a parking lot throwing differnt line formulas. But this was not for steelhead, it was for sea-runs. Kent who I work with put together a couple awesome lines. The first one was a an intermediate sink 30 feet #7 SA head attached to .027 floating running line while the other was a 30 ft. Cortalnd intermediate sink #8, again attached to .027 floating running line. Both lines were thrown on a #5 9' GL3.
The #7 head seemed to false cast better, giving one the option of slowly working out line but it felt very light in the air. The #8 head did not false cast well at all but it shot like a cannon and seemed to load the rod a little better and it was a tad heavier in the air, giving one more feel.
Anyways, I think the coming weekend will see me prying local beaches with the Pac 8 throwing Flashy Ladies at beautiful native cutts. Could a spring day be spent any better?? Ya probally but I am trying my best to keep my mind of the closures.

Any other sudden cutthroat/estuary afficianados out there? Anyone trying to figure out where the Hell there float tube is?

On a side not, Steve Raymonds, The Esturary Flyfisher is an outstanding read.
Ryan S. Petzold
aka Sparkey and/or Special
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