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RE:Pond Law Question

Terry - sorry for the wise crack. It's sometimes hard to tell when you're serious about something..... Walden is 58 acres, if that gives you any sort of a yard stick. Based on your dimensions and square footage for an acre, your pond is approximately 92.5 acres.

Might also check out: <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">pond maps</a><!--url-->

Just to be fair, I personally wouldn't want every Tom, Dick, and Harry leaving worm cups and hook packages all over my property. There's another section of the bylaws that deals with compensation to property owners for easements to fufill what you have quoted above. If the town has not settled this with the owner, he may have every right to post signs and make a big stink with local fishermen.

However, instead of trying to plow through that wall, why not go around it? You might seek to let the owner know that you have a conservation ethic and you're not a slob. He may just grant permission for you to fish it and save you the hassle of cleaning up after those with less scruples.

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