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RE:Not quite quintessential

Quintessential. Referring to the fifth (quint) essence. At some point in classical times, matter was thought to be comprised of four essences. The quintessence was the essence of the essences, the mystical thing which made something exactly what it was. See G.B. Shaw, "the Quintessence of Ibsenism".

Pedantic mode off.

The extra tip is for swapping? I always thought it was a backup because the good folks at Montague knew that sixty odd years later I was likely to break a tip and need a spare.

I have a Montague Redwing and I actually fish it a lot. I appalled my friend Jared by fishing for winter over schoolies with it. He couldn't believe I'd risk a cane rod on stripers. Since I got it for a fraction of the cost of some Orvis graphite that I've exploded on stripers, I don't see the point. Also, it feels cool to have caught stripers on cane.
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