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RE:Not quite quintessential

Actually Al I was just passing time in an otherwise quiet day on the board. I don't evan know how a trout can be quintessential. Maybe the trout is the essence of FF?
Anyway, I have a crappy old Bamboo someone tossed me years ago. It's so old as to be unusable, but I never looked at the lable. I'm going to now. Also I was down the cape cleaning the garage one day when the neighbor came over and said " want this?" It was a 10' bamboo surf rod. Made by Montigue. I found a book at ORvis in W. Concord that had all the values of Bamboo rods. It was in there for about 60 bucks. Oh well, nice conversation piece, and I'll always wonder what that rod saw on the cape in the 30s and 40s. Who knows it may have evan visited the Big Girl Bar before we were evan born! Enjoy the rod Al.

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