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RE:Not quite quintessential

Thanks for the info, gang. Terry, my trout may not have been quintessential, but I'm hoping this rod is.....

After some poking around during my lunch break, I found out it was mass produced sometime after WW II and falls into a category that some of the more snobby classic rod sites call "blue collar cane."

The company is out of Utica, NY and while the run of the mill Cunnigham is valued at ~ $125, the model I purchased has some custom features that may make it worth a little more. The most noteworthy of these is the use of silver nickel ferrules and guides.

The only thing this rod needs is a single replaced guide on one of the tips. BTW, bamboo rods come with two identical rod tips that are meant to be swapped each time you fish the rod. This prevents a bend or set from forming in the deeply flexed tip section. I may attempt to do that replacement on my own this winter. There's a ton of how-to info on the Web.

In short, my new H-I is not a collector's item, and that suits me just fine since I plan to fish with it. (I wouldn't want to risk something of value in my clumsy hands). I'm anxious to see what line it will handle as the seller was uncertain.

From what I've read so far, casting a bamboo rod is a much more deliberate endeavor than modern day graphite. It's not uncommon to feel the action of the rod right down to the cork. The payoff is greater accuracy and loop control, something I was wishing for yesterday. A down side is that anything but dead calm wind will make for extremely difficult fishing. Regardless of how it fishes, the rod is something to look at and well worth the $80 I paid on that count alone.

If anyone else is interested in bamboo, shoot me some email and I'll share some other tips I learned.
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