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Not quite quintessential

Landed my first New England trout on the fly rod today. Not a big deal since it was a stocked cookie cutter rainbow, but at this late in the fishing season, I'll take it.

Wind was a factor on the Cape today, but it seemed to get the fish out of the deep holes and into the shallows to chase forage fish. Streamers produced a pretty steady rate of bumps. The wind blew right up until sunset when it suddenly died and the surface turned into a 15 acre mirror. The clouds had vanished about an hour before and reflected light from the first stars of evening crept out over the water as stealthy as cats and reminded me of the time of year. I wanted to stay and watch the light show of the swollen red moon rising over the water, but I was borderline hyperthermic and having been reminded of the time of the year, I figured best not to extend my night fishing addiction to yet another species and scooted home.

Would like to do some more next weekend.

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