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RE:anything but

A very nice morning indeed. I've really been itching to reconnect with the trout fisherman I was years ago. We need to do more. Next year I will make an effort to turn away from the stripers (insert sound of gasping crowd) and do more of this...West Branch Penob., Ripogenous Dam Clave?(Rip Clave), Meredith N.H. etc. The Stilly is an interesting slice of Me. nearby. Juro, Grego, Nate- nice to fish with you once again.

Side note: When I got home I went to look for something in my vest- Then I remembered it was hanging on the coat rack in the diner -doooohhhh. I had to go all the way back. 50 miles each way! Stopped at the singing bridge and there were 6 new vehicles there.

Grego: I went out rte 2 to 110, and back all highway (190 to rt 2) It was the same exact mileage. Therefore the 60 mph highway is much more efficient. I figured if I'm going all the way out there I might as well make use of the trip.

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