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RE:anything but

Wachusett is an interesting & diverse fishery. My wife & I went out for dinner last night & part of the Motief at the resteraunt was old maps of the area. I was looking over an old State map & my eyes wandered over to Clinton, Sterling & W. Boylston, but NO Resivor. It reminded me that not Everything man touches turns to crap! Then I thought about the two old-timers in the bait shop & how proud they were that 8 state fish records had come from those waters, waters that were not there 100+ years ago. And then thought about how many hundreds-of-thousands of fish are in those waters.

Juro & Terry, thanks for the Trout-101 class. Dom good to meet you & great tip on the Orvis Outlet. Nate good to see you (Kinda) again. Well to spite my own Ignorance I think I learned a thing or two about FWFF. One of the biggest lessons was that there are some great spots right in our own back yards.

BTW: Great "Breckies" at that diner next to the bait shop!
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