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RE:Anyone still in for Friday at White's?

Good call on passing up the trip without the paper. Few places are more likely to be patroled by the warden than White's. We're too old and wise to get on the wrong side of the law, even by accident.

Congrats on your son's achievment! He clearly has environment as well as heredity on his side. I experienced a similar feeling last spring when my oldest won several academic awards. I realized the pride I felt at that moment surpased any I ever experienced for my own accopmlishments.

I'm really hoping to get some on the water time now that the long travel/all day fishing season is over. A few hours at White's or Walden will carry me far.
BTW, I know this is a purest's board, but anybody besides me do much ice fishing? Does jigging artificials with feathers through the ice pass muster?
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