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RE:Anyone still in for Friday at White's?

Hey all, how ya been? Haven't seen nor heard from alot of you guys in awhile. Mostly 'cause I hardly ever fish anymore. Posted a few times on Jeff's board, but not been very active this season.
Just wanted to chime in on one of my favorite places - White's Pond. Stopped in at lunch time yesterday [Wed] to scout. Didn't have gear with me. Big mistake! Went down to the back side near the conservation area. The water was anything but sterile! It was warm and a gentle breeze was blowing onshore. The midges were hatching by the droves and the breeze drove them close to shore where trout were rising everywhere. The takes were quiet sips with small dimples. Looked like sunnies or maybe shiners, but trust me, they were trout [or most were anyway]. They were close enough to shore were I could positively ID them with my poloroids. They were surprisingly big for the size of the rises. They were well within even my flycasting range. Matter of fact they were close enough to swim behind you as you waded. The number of fish rising was very impressive, although that is the norm for this pond. This pond holds over very well and is always loaded with trout. Of course that means nothing about how catchable they are. The midges hatch here anytime the air is over 40-45 F and the wind is not to intense. They are the big black, leggy, mosquitoish looking midges [chrinomid?]. Probably a #16 -#18 hook with sparse but oversized hackles, no tail. A black knat dry or wet or a wormy looking chrinomid nymph should work.
Wish I could get out tomorrow, but got Daddy duty all day. A cold rainy, windy day is not a great day to see surface action, but the trout still feed. I'll be watching for that warm Indian Summer weather that makes the fishing as good as the catching.
Happy hooking!
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