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RE:Sage 6 wt?

Terry - most rod manufacturers have overcome the problems associated with travel rods. One possible exception is St. Croix. It seems their travel rods are made from an entirely different blank than the two piece models. Whatever you go for, ask about any differences.

I've thrown my Redington in both 2 and 4 piece versions and cannot tell the difference (I bought the 4 piece for airplane convenience). A 3 piece 9' rod will break down to fit a 38" tube. Most airlines won't bat an eyelash at including this as carry-on, but some will. Another disadvantage of the 3 piece is that it must be fully broken down to fit in the car whereas a 4 piece breaks in half and is easy to tuck in the back seat.

I'm looking to get Jen a Sage RPLi 8 wt. for X-Mas. She wanted to order it last night on the Cabelas site, but I insisted that she try it before she buy it. I would recommend the same thing to you. A Sage, from what I remember, has a certain feel to it. It's easy to mistake it as "slow." As Juro describes it, throwing the Sage well is a matter of finding the sweet spot. Perhaps he could elaborate on this for you.....

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