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Selective ? Stripers

On two different flats yesterday we ran into similar situations.

Flat #1. Open water, blind cating first and fish were hitting silverside & sand lance flies. Repeated our drift multiple times & each time more fish were finning on top + they became more selective on each drift.
- Changing flies each drift produced.
- No visible bait.
- The fish would hit a black over silver lure every time
- I kept a fish from that flat and the stomach had 1 crab in it.

FLat #2 was a hidden back woods creek HUGE fish finning on top, again there was no visible bait. We threw every fly & every line leader combo at them with no results. There were so many big fish that we would line them having 5 - 12 fish erupt when the line landed....
- I would hook up on a flat bait that gave a profile of a fishes belly every time I threw it.

Any ideas as to what they would be feeding on?


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