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RE:Commuter flyfishing

Always eager to talk a little treason (can't help me Irish upbringing) I don't get the atraction of these ponds. I've never been to Whites so I could be wrong. But I've been to Walden lots over the past year and boy it seems to be one depressing fishbowl. Small, water is low, guys chasing the stocking truck...etc(and Whites is evan smaller?). Why not fish Badacook? Longsoughtfor? Upper stretches of the Squanny, Nissi etc. Why not go remote where a fish has had less thrown at it and streched out a bit in wilder waters? I don't get it? (of course I didn't get the South Rip either, but I was right about Chatham Light). Anyone got a good reason to not go further out?


Hell if yall gonna be there, that's reason enough for me.
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