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RE:Season ended with thunder and a bang!

Steve did a good job of capturing the whole surreal feel of the event. What was interesting was afterward, the three of us telling about what we focused on during the episode. Sue was watching the big fir trees at the top of the cliff going violently back and forth. Steve was noticing both those and the waves coming upriver. I was totally locked in on the 40-50' tree that was rolling down the face of the cliff to the water.

Like the true addicts we are though, withing 2-3 minutes of the end of the motion, we were discussing our good luck in finally having water with some murkiness in it. I can't speak for the others, but on the next run we fished, I was confident that I would hit a fish. Alas, it was not to be.

One side note worth mentioning. As we left the quake hole and floated out over the tailout that Jeff and I had admired on Sunday, I looked down and spied a 12-14# steelie slowly swimming upstream with a small pink corkie hanging out its mouth. At least one got away
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