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RE:Commuter flyfishing

I have had good luck at Whites in the fall with a black
hares ear silver rib 14-16.If the fish are rising for
midges, a Griffiths 18-20 is the ticket.I will be in NY
this weekend ,but the following weekend I will be there.
Walden this time of year you will see big browns cruising
the shoreline.A large streamer could be the ticket.[I have seen these big fish ,but havent hooked one]
I fished the Still on Sunday, rolled a Salmon on a Black
Ghost.I knew the fish was there, but couldnt get another strike.I tried a bunch of other flies.When choosing my
seventh or eighth fly, my eye caught a fly that someone had
dropped on the bank.I tied the White Muddler on and hooked
and landed a keeper Salmon[I released] on my second cast.
A little later I landed another about 20in.It was pure luck to have spotted that fly.These fish just kept jumping ,a
real treat on a four weight.
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