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Mean Mr Mustard
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The "Skagit Shuffle" was simply a regional spin to the San Juan Shuffle of the past. And, Yes Sir, you did complain about the incessant wading and damage to the redds in the "Lyman Bar" area.

As to whether or not jets scour the bottoms, I believe their is sufficient observational data supporting such a conclusion. As you might be aware of, I reside along the Skagit. I have observed that, in an area where water depth is fairly constant, bank-to-bank, the mid-river is usually clear of algae, etc. With the fish redds dotted throughout, why is it that only the mid-stream is clear from one end to the other? Kerry, I watch this river pretty closely. It's the jets making their mark.

Have you ever observed the effects of your finning in the shallow end of the secret lake? In 3 feet of water, a gentle finning motion will disturb the bottom, raising a cloud.

Sorry for such a negative response to what should have been a happy thumbs-up. (I've been biting my tongue for the last week on this post and it appears I lost.)

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