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"FLIES FOR BASS AND PANFISH" by Allen is one of several that have the recipes. Whitlock's book on bass is another one, as is the Cris Helm video on spinning deer hair. There are several good books on bass fishing with flies that have pattern recipes.

Pusher hackle refers to opposing pairs of neck hackle tied as a tail. The are tied in with the shiny side against each other so the hackle feathers flair outward a bit away from each other. Use one hackle feather of each color, stack them one on top of the other until all the colors are in the stack, place the two sets back to back (shiny sides together), and tied them in all at the same time. Then you add a collar of hackle or guinea (dyed or natural) the cover this rather bulky tie in area, followed by spinning and packing the deer hair.

The easiest way to add the rubber legs to a deer hair bug is after the body is trimmed. Take a large needle, heat the end you put the thread through with a cigarette lighter the open up the thread "eye" with a nail or a large bodkin (it needs to be opened up or the rubber leg material will not fit through it) to make what I call a "rubber leg installer tool".

To use the tool and add rubber legs to a deer hair bug, 1) push the needge through the clipped body until it is about 1/4" out the other side of the body;2) place a strand of rubber legs material into the eye of the tool (needle); 3) push and pull the needle until the rubber leg material strand starts to go into the clipped deer hair; 4) add some Flexament to the rubber leg strand just before it touches the body (this is too hold the rubber leg in place after it is positioned); 5) pull the rubber through the clipped body until it is centered in the body; and 6) trim (after they have all been installed) all the rubber legs so they dangle below the hood point 1/8" to 1/4". This is a far easier method for adding rubber legs to a deer hair bug than tying the rubber legs in as you spin the body because you don't have to worry about cutting the legs off as the body is being trimmed.
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