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Commuter flyfishing

For those of you in the New England region, this is a good time to turn toward sweetwater. While guys like Tony Gades look forward to summer in New Zealand, our readers in the pacific northwest await the winter and spring steelhead runs, and those in warmer climes look forward to better bonefishing - we in the northeast are on the trailing edge of our main season and the cooling gets trout into a feeding trend. Coupled with the stocking of area lakes and ponds, now is a good time to think about flicking identifying with our freshwater sides.

So I propose the following: in the Boston area, there are several good options for an hour or two before work. Obviously if we gang up we'll learn more and more quickly too (remember the striper season! yah!). I propose that we plan to meet at Walden, Whites or similar venues in the suburban metro area to try things and document our successes and failures to raise the general awareness of the tricky trout fishing game.

My best chance this week would be Friday, Whites Pond. I have a canoe and a pontoon boat but also like fishing the shoreline. My best luck this time of year in the past has come from fishing nymphs or streamers from the canoe, or black beadhead wolly buggers in stillwater. In rivers I would use the colorado rig Bob Desplaines showed me, in fact I caught a rainbow and brown even later than this on the Nissitissit last year. Earlier in the year the dries are king, especially when mayflies or gnats are coming off the water. There is a spat in the fall when the small eastern caddises are dipping that humpies and deerhairs work well.

Anyway, those who can pull off an hour or two during the week please post a reply, let's try to do a group research thing where we study and share our findings to make a bunch of trout guys out of the hardcore salter crowd.

My start schedule - Friday dawn at White's. Any takers?
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