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Season ended with thunder and a bang!

Sinktip, my girl friend, Sue and I ended the season with a great adventure.

We floated the Sky from high brige to Sultan and were at a run we now call quake run. It's a run with a large unstable cliff across from where we were fishing. Sinktip went first and Sue was waiting in the raft and I was standing knee deep beside the raft. I heard what I thought was thunder but stranger and said to Sue, "was that thunder"? About 10 seconds latter we hear it again but much louder and all hell breaks loose.

Every thing started to vibrate. All the river rocks behind us were bouncing into each other and making really strange sounds. I had to hold on to the side of the raft because the softball size rocks under my feet were moving all over the place. At first Sinktip was still fishing, (fanatic that he is). But once the cliff across the river started to come down into the river,(trees that lined the top of the cliff big rocks and lots of sand and dirt even huge root balls were falling and sliding down into the river. I yelled to Sue to get out of the raft, I thought the whole 60 to 80 foot cliff would come down and we would be under 20 feet of dirt, boulders and giant old fir trees. Sue just sat there with her mouth open and Sinktip was trying to get out of the river but was having a hard time even turning around and standing crotch deep in the river made it real hard to do anything but watch with the biggest eyes and his mouth wide open. What a site to see!

If that thing had continued much longer we might have been able to float by that site and say, "that's Duggans Run, he continues to fish there under all that dirt and rocks".

What was amazing was the river turned gray instantly not from the slide but from all the dirt, old algie and other stuff that must have been on the bottom. Visability went from about 10 feet or more to less than 1 foot in seconds and lasted for about 30 minutes to an hour in most places.

Well I'm sure Sinktip can remember more and will put his 2 cents worth in on a great adventure on an isolated stretch of river.
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