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For largemouth, I would have the following six fly types:

1. Clouser minnow for fishing deeper waters

2. A big featherwing streamer such as a deceiver or big eye baitfish

3. A deer hair popper

4. A hard bodied slider

5. A weedless snake fly or V-worm to fish like a plastic worm

6. A Dahlberg Diver type

Rather than give you several color combos of the same pattern and have them individually count as flies, I've given you fly types that will cover a broad range of fishing conditions when tied to match the local forage. For example, if crayfish are present a brown over orange clouser minnow is tough to beat. And if frogs aren't in a particular body of water, divers/sliders/poppers tied in bright or dark colors will cover daytime and low light conditions, respectively.

Have fun.
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