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These are the six bass flies I would use anywhere in the country for largemouth bass: 1) deer hair frog; 2) yellow and black deer hair popper with yellow and black hackle pushers and collar/skirt that includes yellow rubber legs in the body; 3) red, black, and white deer hair popper with red, black, and white hackle pushers, guinea collar/skirt and red, black, and white rubber legs in the body; 4) a black or chartreuse Dahlberg Diver with a rabbit strip tail; 5) a chartreuse or purple Whitlock Serpent (chartreuse or purple dyed long and thin grizzly saddle hackle tail, body to match the tail, palmered with the same color hackle); and 6) bunny leech in black with a chartruese marabou undertail or purple bunny leech with a red or cerise marabou undertail.
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