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The Lucky Skunk maiden voyage

We finally got the boat in the water for more than a few minutes this weekend. It is not fully finished - mostly aesthetic stuff.

In short it is awesome!!! We took it to 2500 rpm (top end is 5000) and got 23 knots in 2-3 foot chop with little in the way of bouncing and banging. Despite a 20kt wind we even stayed mostly dry with only an occasional splash making its way into the boat. My only "complaint" is that it has a very decided tendency to drift stern to the wind and a drift sock for 26' boats only keeps it beam to the wind. I can't wait for a calm day to see what she will do at WOT. Others have built this boat with a 150 OB and achieved 50mph and we have a 305 in it with over 200 hp.
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