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Still Water

This being the last free weekday I had before being dragged kicking and screaming into a cubicle somewhere in corporate America. I decided to take a drive over to that little stream just down the road from me. To see if there where any land locks trying to make they're way upstream to spawn. I had received some viable reports of some being landed and dragged away on stringers at the singing bridge. My first stop was at the mouth of the river where it empties into the big reservoir. The water level is still pretty low and I figured there might be a few stacking up waiting on some rain. Nada, although I did manage to land one little feisty large mouth. I then figured if they where at the bridge two weeks ago they might still be up under the highway overpass, which is where the greater number of reds can usually be found. After some bush whacking all I could find where some well engineered dams blocking all access upstream. I know that we can no longer trap the little buggers, but is anyone interested in getting a ballot referendum to reintroduce all known beaver predators which once inhabited our region?? Maybe some big cats or bears it might even help prevent some of the flooded basements coming this spring.
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