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RE:Trout fishing this weekend

Fall Trout and Salmon - If water temperatures are cold enough, MassWildlife’s fleet of stocking
trucks will hit the pavement on September 25 to distribute more than 60 thousand trout and 200
broodstock salmon across the state. Each of the five MassWildlife Districts will receive more than
12 thousand trout, comprised of 53 thousand rainbow trout between 12 and 14 inches long, 7
thousand foot long brown trout and 200 brookies measuring 18 inches. The Districts will also be
allocated 40 broodstock salmon from the Roger Reed Salmon Hatchery in Palmer. These fish will
weigh-in at between 1.5 and 3 pounds each. For stocking locations visit the MassWildlife
webpage at or call your local District office: Western 413.447.9789;
Connecticut Valley 413.323.7632; Central 508.835.3607; 413.447.9789; Connecticut Valley
413.323.7632; Central 508.835.3607; Northeast 978.263.4347; and Southeast 508.759.3406.

Visit this URL for a list of all Fall Trout Stocked Waters. Also check the Classic Atlantic Salmon board.

Nate, I will be hitting the Nissitisett this week only because I can't get free long enough to reach the salt.

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