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Re: wind casting heavy flies

Originally posted by flyjkol
Here's a purely situational thing that I've ran up upon several times after smallies but never with a flyrod: Big crosswind 15mph+ blowing left to right, sight fishing smallmouths on logs with heavier crayfish imitations 45-70 feet out, in a boat with another person. I'd be using my eight weight with a bassbug floating or a full-sink line. NO SHOOTING HEADS. Whats the best aproach?
I refer to 'crosswind' as one that blows into your casting side and you said 'left to right'. So by this definition, you are either a lefty or you mean a wind that messes you up but not necessarily by blowing the line into your casting side.

Also, heavy flies, average casts, in a boat.

Hmmm... do you mean that you are the "other man out" while one right-handed guy easily casts off the bow (outdrive usually drags the stern to the face of the wind while the lighter bow swings)?

So therefore you are on the stern trying to cast but the boat is in your way, correct? Either that or you are a lefty and have the wind blowing everything into you when you cast at the stern.

Please confirm that I understand your situation correctly so I don't misinterpret the question.

Good scenario!
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