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Juro, if you're going to treat all these as distinct casts, rather than as variants or subsets of the basic overhead cast, I think you'll also have to acknowledge the underhand technique as applied to the various Spey casts.

Whether you classify underhand casts as distinct casts in their own right or simply as a modification that can be applied to the set of Spey casts is up to you. I favour the latter, though this won't please some people, particularly in Scandinavia.

As a further point, I think it would be useful to include something about hauling. Again, just about every cast can be made in unhauled, single or double hauled versions - you've just written about a hauled single handed single spey on another thread, for example. Rather than treat the hauled versions as distinct casts, how about writing something, covering both single and double hauls, that can be 'bolted on' to definitions of other casts, rather than treating them all separately?

BigDave, if you think that name is funny, how about a 'hauled reverse single hand underhand double spey'?
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