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Without using the word "spey"...

1) make sure you are using only the tapered portion to make the next cast, in other words you will need to have all running portion of the line pulled inside the guides. Bring the rod tip near the water aligned with the line and make a smooth pick up into the first backcast...

2) turn the body half the way as you make your backcast, then make a false cast over the 27.5 degree mark

3) turn the body the rest of the way as you make the second backcast, then cast to the 45 degree point and shoot the running line.

Divide by as many false casts as necessary to achieve the angles you want.

Using the word "spey"...

If you're a righty on the left bank throw a single spey with a haul (referred to as "turbo spey"). One motion, 45 or more degree change.

From the right bank a righty throws a snake roll and the line will cast to the target with one motion. A double spey will do same but with the added lay down move before the sweep.

I am sure you will get many good responses, but this question sure emphasizes the convenience of spey casting on rivers to me!
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