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RE:Cascade Season Winding down...

Thanks Kush,

Because of the short distance and travel time we will likely give the Vedder a try. The promise of no gun play is definitely a bonus. I have never seen a weapon produced while fishing. I do know that at least a few boats on the Skagit are armed and likely a few of the bank anglers too.

We have a small river close by that has a decent king run in late summer. One of the last places to fish for kings, this small river attracts a less than desirable crowd. I have found ways to fish that removes me from the masses although I visit this river less and less each year. Perhaps for the same reasons you have for spending less time at the Vedder. At the very least it is sometimes entertaining to watch what I term combat fishing. And yes true combat does occur on the rare occasion. The real sadness comes when the crowds leave and leave their mess also. In time the river will be closed to fishing because of the mess and the unethical techniques employed to catch fish. I fail to understand the mentality that has to catch fish at any cost.

Thanks again,

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