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RE:Cold July-More Trout?


Thought that I would also put in a positive word for the Deerfield. I have moved from that area, but still think it offers some of the better trout fishing in Massachusetts. I was a little dissapointed in a recent trip to the Nissitissit, so it looks as if I'll be heading back to the Deerfield or up to New Hampshire to get my trout fixes in. Just got back some pictures from a recent trip to the Deerfield. The fish in the picture (14.5") was taken home for lunch - it was a stocked fish (rounded fins), so I did not feel too bad. FWIW, I would not have beached the fish and taken the time to "pose" it if I was going to release it. There were a couple of others I caught that day that looked similar to Wollybugger's fish - with nice greenish backs and lavender stripes.


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