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Originally posted by juro
But I have to wonder, with your technique how do you get different people to drift past vertical consistently to 2 o'clock if teaching a group to stop at vertical?

I've never done any formal instruction of a group . . . just taught a few friends one-on-one, so I'm not sure how this would work with a group or whether it would work for everyone. What I've noticed though, is that just about every beginner I've tried to teach seems to have had a natural tendency to drop the rod back too far on the backcast. (I think they are trying to use the rod to throw with, and therefore they want to start with a big wind up, just like they'd do if they were throwing a baseball--emulate Barry Bonds when he's hitting, not when he's throwing, I guess!) Anyway, in my experience, using the 2 o'clock analogy hasn't worked well, since the tendency to drift back seems to be so strong in beginners that they have trouble stopping firmly once the rod gets behind their head. So one day I just said to a friend I was teaching, "try to stop the rod as soon as it's straight up" . . . and voila! he started casting well almost instantly. In actuality he was stopping his forearm straight up but breaking his wrist slightly to get the rod close to the 2 o'clock position. Maybe why the straight up analogy worked better for him than the 2 o'clock analogy is that he was judging which way the rod was pointing by his forearm position, not by the rod's actual direction --- and when his forearm was straight up, his rod was actually pointing close to the correct 2 o'clock given a bit of wrist bend. Not sure this would work for everyone . . . but I've found that the "straight up" instruction has worked well with other friends too.
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