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RE:Cascade Season Winding down...


Is it worth it to try the Vedder? A tough question in some ways. There is a fair amount of good fly water and there are definitely lots of fish, however as I previously pointed out the quality of the experience is definitely suspect! While I know some fly guys who regularly fish the Vedder through the winter they tend to live fairly close to the river and normally limit their fishing to short prime time excursions to pet holes ( as well, I don't think any self respecting fisherman could take a WHOLE day at that zoo!). While I only live 15 minutes closer to the river than you do I did grow up fishing the Vedder, but I now average about 3 hours a year fishing it - I just can't stand the "new" ethic that exists there.

As for the Fly-Only season in May, this often sounds better than it really is. This is due primarily to the common run-off pattern that sees the river go out very early in May often negating the so-called 2nd season. In those years that the vagarities of run-off leave the river fishable it can be wonderful, the pressure is low, there are significant numbers of fish and it is a beautiful river. So like I said, I will just wait and see. If YOU can't wait, by all means come on up and experience some Canadian hospitality - "Vedder-style" - though fist-fights have been known to happen at least you won't see or need guns!

Tight lines - tyler.
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