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RE:Best place for trout


I'll place my vote with the state of Idaho. <b>S.F. Boise</b>, Big Wood, Silver Creek, S.F. Snake - (Last Chance, ID on down thru Ashton). You could do the swing from west to east, and then head on up to the Gallatin River Valley. If time permits head northwest and hit the Missoula area. To me that would constitute a marvelous camping and fishing vacation. You'd hit some wonderful areas and fish some spectacular waters - many considered world-class. Idaho offers plenty of free camping opportunities and if you timed it right you could hit the hopper season and be into some very consistent fishing. Good luck with your choice. BTW - guides are not necessary on the Wood, Silver Creek or SF Boise - a good shop (or email me) should help there. It would be nice to float some of the SF Snake as a boat allows you to cover a lot of water and would probably enhance the experience.

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