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VT Trout

My planning, scheming, hoping & praying has paid off!

Last week my wife landed four rainbows, in moving water, with a fly rod in horrible conditions. She is now a member of our tribe of graphite waving fools.

We were fortunate to have been given a mini-vacation inclusive of a guided fly-fishing trip with Orvis endorsed guide Chuck Kashner. Cathy had taken a "Ladies Only" seminar with Geroge Roberts & Shelia Hassan so, she was as ready as she could be. (We decided that my trying to teach her would end our marriage)

I was awoken early Thursday AM to the the sounds of rain & heavy wind, managing to fall back asleep hoping it would clear up before our noon- 8 PM trip with Chuck, I was comfortably experiencing the priceless commodity known as sleep when the phone rang. It was Chuck calling to start our trip earlier to ensure that he could get us into fish!

As we hit a pond for Chuck to check out our my wife's casting abilities, our bright sunshine was buried by DARK clouds, increasing wind and of course, rain. Being the trooper that she is, my wife donned her raingear and continued her mini casting clinic with Chuck. I was left alone to harrass the brookies of the pond with Chuck's suggestion that I may not need to double haul my 4 weight - DOH!

The weather cleared and we hit a small stream in Pawlet. As I seperated from the two of them to hit some pools Chuck had picked out for me, the skies really opened up. So this is what it's like going through a car wash with the top down...

I kept waiting for Chuck & Cathy to blow by on their way to the truck but it never happened. Skunked, I worked up stream towards them to hear shouts of joy as Cathy hooked into what I was to learn was her third rainbow of the day!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a lucky man.

I greatly enjoyed spending time with Chuck & learning in a day more about trout fishing than I learned in the last 15 years.

The goal of the day was to make sure Cathy caught fish and wanted to do it again. Chuck was definitely the right man for that job. He's an incredible guide who thought of every little detail to make our very wet day meet and exceed our expectations.

Oh yeah, I caught fish too.

For those interested, Chuck can be reached at 800-682-0103.

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