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MJC,,,my wife's getting ugly about it,heeheee,,but i have been using single-handers lately,,dam water's to warm for these spring chinook ,i'm going to end up upriver where the water's COLD,and the crowds massive,only thing saving the trips have been the flyrods,,reall weird though walking down a boatramp without a big ol' cannon,,happenned twice last week,,feels sorta' naked,,in a bad way,not a good way,,heehahehahhhoooie!!!wulff TT's ,,got any small `spey' lines,,like a 7 or nine or ,,? what's availlable,i have a seventy ft, and 80 ft'rs,,the 80's ARE sweet,,a nice sweet ,not a bad swe----heehehahahaahha:hehe:
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