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RE:Upper Sac River, CA

I love that place! If you are going to go fishing again you should email me. I have all kinds of good ideas. The Yuba is only 2hrs away and the fish are truly special. Shad are in on the American (in Sacramento, about an hour 15) and...well...there are stripers in the Bay. People have benn catching them, but I have not heard of any being caught from shore on a fly.
The come back of the trout on the upper sac. rivals that of the stripers back east. As you might know, in 1992 a train full of pesticide derailed near the head waters and killed everything for miles. The river was closed to fishing for three years and without planting the river it is coming back. Wild, native fish. Rebounding from what could conservatively be called a catastrophy. The ability of nature to endure mankinds attacks is amazing. On the lower sac. the govt. has decided that there aren't enough stealhead left to bother trying to save. Give em a chance.
Well I didn't mean to step on the soap box. Eddie
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