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RE:Cascade Season Winding down...

Ahh yes, "The Incident."

At the infamous BB, frequently visited by Jim Mansfield and Guy Ruble, two bonk 'em, fillet 'em, all the better if they are natives type guides. In fact Jim Mansfield writes a column for and promotes his guide service off the site.

Anyways, someone posted that he had spend some time in jail for robbery, whether this is true or not, I dont know.

I was named as the poster because the IP was traced to the UW, where I attend.

Jim then posted many times that he was going to send all his lawyers after me and that I had better apologize, etc. etc. etc. He also said that the next time I visit Forks, "we need to sit down for coffee." Jim is a big grumpy mean born and raised Forks local yocal.

I was described as a young punk kid and well there are not many young punk kids that fish. My recently bleached hair does not help me either.

So now you can see why I am a little nervous about making a trip out to Forks. Jimmy has a following out there and Im sure they all know the name "Ryan S. Petzold" by now. God knows I am bringing alot of cash on my trip out there.

Things are looking up as of tonight, though. A couple of good customers of ours at Teds fish with Jimmy all the time. They promised me that when they fish with him in two weeks they would tell him "Im not a bad guy" and that I would never do anything like that.

I can not wait for Spring Break and if anyone would like to do some exploring of the Upper Hoko, you are free to join me.

...and I did not hit any fish yesterday on the North Fork. The lower river is as clear as I have ever seen it, including summer, but it will be closed.
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