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they're owned by 3-M ,im' asuming they must have been the supplier of the materials used to manufacture their flylines???,,and they bought out SA=Scientific Anglers,?,`here',,, is the steelhead capitol!,,Rogue River Oregon,,why not look up `Wal-Mart' Grants Pass oregon,,the Medford has them too,or did,,heck,,,i'd get a haircut,,but the river's between the hair house and here,!,,i just thought it 's such a wonderful thing for starting out,getting people started in the game,the glass combo rods that everyone sells are just to soft,my brother in-law bought a couple of them and,,well,,,,,,,,,,id buy four of these SA rods for working out of a driftboat but i prefer 8 wt's,,,who knows' maybe they have them too somewhere,,my tackle get's used because i'm quick to hand rods to people that aren't `flyfolks',,one MUST spread the word!,,,matching tackle allowes you to keep going,,this is why i focus on one type `spey' reel for instance,if it's just you, buy whatever,,if you're outfitting your kids/grandkids,well,,,like my kids years back the spincast reels,the cover'd pop off, trigger would fall out,kids get bored quick,,,,hey PM me if you want,,i haven't been to walley world in awhile,,i'll help if i can,5 years on the drycell lines,,still taking fish!!! do have some cracking but they've earned every one
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