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North River Canoe Trip

I've been reading about the North River shad run and had a few hours to check it out on Sunday morning. Launced at the car top ramp off Elm Street, Hanover, and headed downstream. Forgetting that the tide lags three hours, I did discover a beautiful spot, not a house to be seen, no sounds from nearby roads, loaded with birds. Hopefully a shad connection would make my thirty year Old Town spin in circles. No such luck. The three wading casters I passed reported the same. I did make it back to the ramp before the river got too low, and decided to try shooting some fish in a barrel- surely my luck would improve. The dam just on the other side of Elm Street sports a fish ladder for herring and shad, and it's the location of trout stocking as well. The canoe safely stowed atop my car, I took a shad fly loaned to me by my casting coach- and BAM, a hit- not a shad, but one of those stocky trout. Then again, and again. About 5 hits, with 5 errors, no trout! I've got the casting down, the presentation worked, but need to work on my landings. Juro, I know you removed the barb, but couldn't you have at least left a bump?
Did see loads of shad at the base of the dam... enjoying the same sun I did.
Next time I'll try the incoming.
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