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Airflo LDT

The Airflo lines have just the 1 loop that seems to be placed just prior to the start of the forward taper. They also have a 5 year no crack warranty, but I wonder if that warranty applies to thier "Welded Loops" as well. I've had mine about 5 months and haven't changed tips much or subjected it to any undue stress, yet the loop seems to be wearing and I feel that a break is inevitable, which would result in a catastrophic loss of tip. I hope I'm wrong, maybe there's some braided core in the loop or something, but it looks like there is some fraying of the material there (in the clear loop material itself). The line behaves very nicely and is slick, but I'm going to have to adress this loop issue with them. Again, I've heard that the regular Delta as opposed to the Long Delta is superior for heavy tips and big flies.
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