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I fished with a very knowledgable man named Earl of Southern guide service out of Placencia: highly recommended!!
In all likelihood, your quarry will include permit and they can be emtremely hard to bring to a fly. It was for us, as the water was dead calm on a crystal clear day. If you are entirely new to flyfishing and this is a once in a lifetime trip, you may want to hedge your bets and include a spinning reel and some large (my guide suggested 4/0). supersharp hooks in your arsenal. We tried the fly for a long time without success, but I was thrilled to feel the power of a 15 lb. permit by any means. The time with the fly was certainly not wasted, as it revealed the areas of my technique where I have to bone up :hehe: (couldn't help myself)
The spinning reel may also afford you some opportunities to fish the deep side of the reef which you may not have otherwise.

Have a great trip!
You can criticize a man's choice of fly and he won't murmur. But touch him on his approach, or presentation, and he sees red.

- by Eric Horsfall Turner in "Angler's Cavalcade" (1966), the quote taken from Hugh Falkus' book "Speycasting, A New Technique"
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