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Got back May 15th

I stayed at the Victoria House which is South of San Pedro. We were there 11 days and I have to say it was the best vacation I ever had. I fished 5 of the days and caught bonefish every day. Usually around 5 or 6 except for the last day. This was my first bone outing and I had a lot of shots but poor casting hurt my output except for the last day. I keep saying except the last day because my 5th day out everything clicked. I was hitting where I wanted, probably because I had practiced a lot and the wind was down. The last day I landed 19 bonefish and lost about 5. I had 3 good shots at permit but no luck. None of the fish were huge like you see in the Keys but they had enough to get me into the backing several times. I was throwing a seven and eight weight rod. The seven is plenty for the fish but the wind pushed me up to an eight.

My guide every day was great. George Bradley (
He was extremely helpful without being critical. He even coached my wife through a two bonefish day. She had not caught a fish on a fly rod to that date. I booked George through Victoria House the first 4 days but went direct the 5th day. George does not like to fish the San Pedro bay where most guides like to go. He says the water is too deep and they have you throwing at "muds" all day. George likes skinny water and took me to a place he said he hasn't seen another fisherman in 10 years. I believe him we went 45 mins north of San Pedro before we stopped. You will not be disappointed in George if you like to fly fish. He does spinning. George also is fond of his tied flies and rolled his nose up the the 300 I had tied for the trip. Oh well, I can say I didn't lose one of my flies so they will be good for the next trip.

If you need more email me with questions.

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