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One evening, six species

I hit on a wide variety of fish after work last night at a local resevoir (yes Adrain, that resevoir). The action was fairly consistent despite wind early on, and several members of six different species came into the boat:

Largemouth bass
Yellow perch
Black crappie

The fly that did the most damage was a tiny (size 6) 2" long baby bass clouser. There were several times that I felt like a tournament bass fisherman, simply roll casting 10-15 feet beside cover and having fish hit the fly on a slow drop. Once the wind settled down I switched to topwater. Several chunky bluegills and a few 2lb bass liked what I was throwing, which was simply a scaled down version of Popovics' Banger in yellow.

All fish were caught on my recently acquired 5wt Scott rod. What a sweet action that baby has.....

Gonna have to fish that resevoir's twin to the north real soon.
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