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RE:Trout Fever & Tippet Trouble

Thanks guys, I greatly appreciate the advice.

I like the tippet formula.

The hatch per one of my trout-aholic clients is blue wing olives.

Now that the trout part of my brain is picking up speed & brushing off the cobwebs, I'm pretty sure I was using something smaller than a #14 dry, like an 18 or 20. The 7X is definitely the way to go.

I wish I was using a fast rod. I'm a sentimental romantic at heart and was using my first fly rod, my old Fenwick graphite 6 weight - nice & slow. A faster rod would definitely help when I blow the hook set and try to recast, forgeting I'm using the old rod & wind up throwing a loop you could drive a truck through.

In summary, I'm just a hyperactive hack.

And Dr. Ganguly, email me your phone # & let's see if we can steal a canoe for Sunday afternoon/ evening.

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