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RE:Trout Fever & Tippet Trouble

One of my tricks to calm down is "become the old man from Montana". By this I mean put an imaginary pipe in your mouth, (no jokes Powers!) a newspaper under your casting arm, and throw the prettiest loop you can tip-curl off the rod without dropping the imaginary newspaper.

The striper cast involves a lot of elbow motion along a straight vector to emphasize the casting stroke. How else would one throw a mop into a headwind? It's helped me to learn to relax after a decade of steelheading and then stripers - to adopt some kind of trick to keep from whiplashing the tippets and trout's necks!

Of course calming down in easier on a stream, the open stillwater tends to tempt the caster into surf mode. I find fishing from canoes, kickboats, or wading on sand/gravel shoals is the best way to combat the "need for speed".

Maybe we should identify a real classic type of stream to hit once or twice a year as a way to remind ourselves of quintessential trout fishing. One suggestion, as Luis offers, is to attend the NEC clave in the Catskills this year in late May / early June.

Luis - do you still have that URL handy?
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