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Fishing beats

When you are drawn, it's always for 2 anglers. But, you can come alone...
You will be charged for only 1 angler.....

Most rivers are divided in sectors for 2-4-6-8-or 10 anglers only.
Rates ( depending on river you are fishing) are between:
$ 50.00 USD to $ 150.00 USD and some higher / angler. (without guide )
Thus, if you draw 2 rods for a $ 50.00 sector, then you each pay $ 50.00. If you choose to come alone ( you only pay for one angler).

It also does not mean the higher the price, the better the pool... The trick is to know where the fish are, the levels, fishing pressure etc.....
There are also "open waters", meaning no reservations needed...
Excellent pools to fish too!!

Bonne Journée!! (Have a nice day!)

Keep'em in the water!!
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