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RE:Trout Fever & Tippet Trouble

Mr. Roop,
i will first kindly refer you to my "Trout Beating" post below--you are not alone in returning fishless from the pond with trout rising everywhere. Since I did the exact same thing you did--leave a streamer in the mouth of what was likely a nice fish, i will offer the following observation: I believe you suffer from striperitis. It is a not so uncommon disease among trout fishermen these days. you likely have imbedded in your cranium the irresistable urge to set the hook pretty hard when you feel a hit, and are used to at least 8 lb. tippet.

I have the same problem my first few trout outings. I cast too hard, set the hook too hard, lose flies and ruin leaders. 7x is too small for these fish. I always use 6x for dries but I am sure you can get away with 4x, and even lower if using streamers.

btw--I am guessing the grey-back emergers were gnats, that was also what I saw hatching.

let me know if you are heading down again this weekend--of course, if it doesn't rain or snow for the rest of the week!

Jeff Ganguly,
still troutless in fly2k
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