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RE:Trout Fever & Tippet Trouble

I still use an old formula I got from my Dad when it comes to tippet length. It's 4 times the x size, e.g. 7x X 4 = 28 inch minimum, 6x would be 24 inch. It's valid for 5,6,7X tippets, as minimum.
Also, I try not to mix tippet and leader brands, Orvis tippet with SA leaders etc. I have found that some tippet material does not measure to it's stated diameter in a lot of cases and that matching proper diameter is more important than matching X level, depending on the brand. I also never go down more than 2 sizes per section. From 3x to 5x, or 4x to 6x are the more difficult matches since some tippet seems to cut in the main leader line unless a perfect well lubed Dbl. surgeon is done. I hope this helps and that you get back to your pond soon. I will be on my pond next weekend to repeat last Saturday's #14&16 Chironomid feast.
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