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RE:Trout Fever & Tippet Trouble

Thanks for the response Luis,

I guess I should clarify, I was using, against my better judgement, a 12' tapered leader with a 7X tippet. I scrapped that one for the very reasons you suggested and tied up some of my own like I should have in the first place.

Went back last night (we're not a religous family & my wife & mother in-law had decided to rearrange the furniture - I was asked to leave). As I sat in the truck watching the pond surface, I began to discern from the patterns of the steady rain multiple rises & rolls. I was on the water by 6:30.

Fished a white bunny baitfish w/ silver flash tied on a #8 salmon hook. Had 1 viscous hit & no hook up.

Finally found the emergers. They look like small grey humpys. By the time I got one tied on it was too dark to see my fly. The fish were still rising & slurping.

I've been thoroughly humbled. Saltwater & warmwater fish are definitely a different world.
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