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know thine enemy

Years ago, under the Reagan administration, there was a guy named James Watt. Remember him? He advocated multiple use of public lands. He didn't last very long.

Now we have this Mark C. Rutzick character who three years ago, was the timber industry's top lawyer trying to overturn fish and wildlife protections that loggers viewed as overly restrictive. Is it conjecture to say that he has been instrumental in bringing about this new plan that closely follows the position that he advocated when he represented the timber industry? Is represented the timber industry past-tense?

He was suggested for the fisheries job by Senator Gordon H. Smith, Republican of Oregon. Is senator Smith up for re-election?

Then we have the Pacific Legal Foundation, which successfully sued the government to force a reconsideration of how it uses hatchery fish. The foundation is financed by developers, timber and agricultural interests angered by what they see as regulatory zealotry.

The Pacific Legal Foundation is not up for election, and they are not going to go away.

Neither is Mr. Rutzick up for (re)election. But his boss is! If we (all) made enough negative noise now about Mr. Rutzick, his boss (Bush) might consider him a threat to his chances of re- election, and get rid of him,,,now.

If we could pull this off, then no matter what the outcome of the election, we have put the government on notice that we will not put up with the likes of Mr. Rutzick and his kind.

If we just sit back and hope for the best should the election go the other way,,,well then, that is all we are doing. Hoping for the best.

Enough,,,off my soap box.
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